Offered by KWIAHT

Five years of salmon research!


Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013, 5:30 pm

Admission: By Donation

Suggested Donation: Adult $15, Youth NA

Food and wine served free of charge.

Join Lopez community volunteers in celebrating five years of grassroots research and monitoring of the Watmough Bight juvenile Chinook salmon nursery--the largest and longest-running study of the changing salmon food web in Washington State! Great food, music and art, and an opportunity to learn how land use change, and climate change, are affecting what juvenile salmon eat, how well they eat, and how healthy they are when they leave the islands to make their way to the open ocean. Find out how declining herring spawning in the islands has affected salmon as well as nesting seabirds, and why the humble sandlance ("candlefish" or "sand eels") have become the key to salmon and seabird survival in our waters. Don't miss the five-year study results ... or the fun! A party for the future of salmon, for people who love fish and believe in local food.