Offered by Lopez Center

POLECAT Bluegrass Concert

Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, 7:30 pm

Admission: Ticketed

Tickets at Door: Adult $10-15, Youth $5.00

Polecats have a unique instrumentation of electric guitar, 12 string guitar, fiddle, upright bass and vocals. This enables them to seamlessly blend genres including bluegrass, country, celtic, rock, and world music into their sound.

"The core audience of Polecat is, everybody."

This Bellingham group has great songs, great musicianship and great grooves. Known for producing stomp--worthy dance tracks, Polecatís live show is an experience. Itís sweaty and loud in all the right ways Ė itís sure to get you on your feet and doesn't let you sit back down.

Polecat's music is described as Modern Americana Bluegrass. Join us in an evening of pure music and dancing fun!!

Polecat artists:
Aaron Guest - Vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar
Jeremy Elliott - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Cayley Schmid - Fiddle
Richard Reeves - Upright Bass
Karl Olson - Drums & Percussion