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Taylor 2 Dance Company

Saturday, Apr. 1, 2017, 7:30 pm

Admission: Ticketed

Tickets in advance: Adult $20, Youth $12
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Lopez Center Office, Paper Scissors on the Rock, Blossoms Organic Grocery, Lopez Bookshop
Tickets at Door: Adult $20, Youth $12

"Taylor 2 is a kind of a miracle… All of the dancers are considerable talents [who] unite fearlessness with skill." - Gia Kourlas, New York Times

Paul Taylor's Taylor 2 is the six-member company that brings Paul Taylor's dances to venues of any size with all the artistry of the world renowned choreographer's work - representing the wide range of athleticism, humor and emotion found in his dances.

Paul Taylor established Taylor 2 to ensure that his works could be seen by audiences all over the world, unhindered by economic or technical limitations. Mr. Taylor looked back to the 1954 origins of the Paul Taylor Dance Company for the structure of his new company: six professionals with a particular gift for his style who perform his work throughout the world.

"It's small, travels light, and packs some of the best modern dance around." - Valerie Sudol, The Sunday Star Ledger

FREE Masters Dance Workshop at Lopez Center, 12:30-2pm.

Taylor 2 Dance Company