Offered by The Lopez Island Library

Pursuing the 7 Summits

A Passion for Adventure: 32 Years of Mountain Madness

Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017, 7:00 pm

Admission: Free

Lopez Island Library presents, as part of it's series "Beyond Limits", Seattle based trekking company Mountain Madness sharing their company's incredible climbing history & the gorgeous pursuit of the seven highest mountains in the world. 32 years ago Mountain Madness was founded by renowned climber Scott Fischer who had summitted the world's most challenging peaks. In May of 1996, Scott Fischer along with other climbers, lost his life on Everest. The story was featured in Jon Krakauer's best-selling book "Into Thin Air". But for over 30 years Fischer's legacy & his spirit have thrived at Mountain Madness where the company continues to lead people to some of the most wild, remote & beautiful places in the world. At this Earth Day event, Mountain Madness will highlight their long-standing work with special populations, relief agencies & conservation groups around the world. Join Mountain Madness CEO Mark Gunlogson for images & a remarkable discussion.

Sponsored by
The Ramsey Shirk Fund; Friends of Lopez Library