Lopez Center 20th Anniversary Potluck Luncheon
October 20, 2019, 2:00pm
The 20th Anniversary celebrates an amazing creation in the heart of Lopez. That creation was and is more than a building - it's the spirit of a community. A community that gave of itself in land, money, and hands-on work to transform five acres of pasture and trees into a place where we connect - Lopez Center for Community and the Arts!

Sunday's potluck embodies the community spirit that created and sustains Lopez Center. Everyone is invited and everyone contributes. Please bring your own cutlery, plates, cups, and glasses so that we all share in the work.

Grilled salmon and green salads will be provided. There will be a short program about the history and future of the Center.

Come ready to share your own memories. Matteus Rabel will have his video camera set up in the meeting room to record your favorite stories of the Center.

Live music with Hawk Arps on vibraphone, Colin Doherty on Bass, Jaime Cordova on Percussion, and Gary Alexander on Woodwinds & vocals.

Quilts will be hung to match the opening of the Center 20 years ago. There will be an art show featuring Center inspired artwork and a retrospective photography exhibit.