Lopez Uncovered Music Fest 2022
Festival Workshops
August 13, 2022, 11:00am
Main Building and Outdoor Pavilion
Ticketed in advance: Adult $20.00, Youth Free
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Ticketed at the door: Adult $25.00, Youth Free
A big part of the festival experience is to immerse yourself in several different activities. It is based around music of course, but having food, beverages, vending booths, activities, and the whole day to lean into relaxing and being entertained, is paramount. A critical aspect of any festival as well is workshops. Workshops are an opportunity to meet the performers and get into the bones, into the very structure of how music works. You might even learn a thing or two!

This year at the festival we plan to bring back two popular workshops and introduce a new concept... Below is the rundown and we hope to see you there!

Ticketing is included in your festival entry.

11am - Live Sound Production

Have you ever wondered what that guy in the little tent out in the middle of the audience is doing hunched down over all those knobs and dials? Or how they make that kick drum sound so big and fat so it can keep your feet moving on the dance floor all night long? Or how about the light show following along with the music at every beat?

This year we are going to try out a live sound production workshop in real-time as we set up the festival stage on Saturday morning.

Our master of sound, Brian Rick, will guide this group of fortunate attendees in the 'soup to nuts' of a live performance including stage set-up, stage sound, house sound, mixing and lights. This tour through technology will culminate in a live sound check of The Fieldboats to bring it all home.

This will be a behind the scenes learning experience you will never forget.

12pm - The Musical Philosophy of Hawk Arps

Back by popular demand, our local master musician, Hawk Arps, will share his thoughts on how music is a living thing that is embodied in our relationships as players and consumers. His vast understanding of musical history and the importance of keeping songs alive is a refreshing way for each of us to connect to the love of music at its core.

He will also be diving into his creative process as a songwriter and the interplay between rhythm, melody and lyrical elements.

Come spend some time with the maestro and sink into the deeper meaning of music.

1pm - Stanley Greenthal & Chris Aiken on Songwriting

What is a song? Melody, lyrics, and form, yes, but can we put our finger on that certain spark!?

Pacific Northwest songwriters Stanley Greenthal and Chris Aiken will give you a dive into their personal experience as songwriters sharing their inspirations and process. With Chris' NW heart driven songs, to Stanley's influences from right here at home on Lopez to as far flung as the Balkans and British Isles.

This workshop will feature broad group discussion of song craft, as well as performance demonstrations to outline technical aspects of song writing.