Lopez Island Spirit Award Recipients
Starting in 2020, Lopez Center has recognized a Spirit Award Recipient. The award was created in honor of Dolly and Andy Holland's years of community service and dedication to making a better place for all.

2000 Gordon and Barbara Rydberg
2001 Mary Ritchie
2002 Jan and Bob Sundquist
2003 Len Kanzer
2004 Dick and Mary Schoenman
2005 Bob and Vivian Burt
2006 Norma and Bill Brimmer
2007 Ron Hall and Robert Herrmann
2008 Rip and Julie Van Camp
2009 Paul Berg
2010 Gregg Blomberg and Irene Skyriver
2011 Lynn and Marlys Waller
2012 Rhea Miller and Sandy Bishop
2013 Marty Clark
2014 Carol Steckler and Al Lorenzen
2015 Nick and Susie Teague
2016 Kate Scott
2017 Jim Smith and Connie Harris
2018 Joanne and Trevor Bryant
2019 Lopez Island Emergency Medical Services
2020 Celebration of Lopez Spirit
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