How to reserve your free use
Wednesday Mornings: Reserve the Center for community use and select the use package called "Free Wednesday Morning Hour".

Memorials: Call 360-468-2203 or email [email protected].

Lopez Island School: Reserve the Center for community use, then call 360-468-2203 or email [email protected] to have your use approved as a free use day.

Free-Use Events at Lopez Center

Wednesday Mornings
Lopez residents can use the Center free of charge to host classes or events on Wednesdays mornings from 10-11 or 11-12. They must be open to the public without fee and are limited to one hour (including setup and cleanup). The event or class may be held for a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks at a time. No money may exchange hands.
The Center is available free of charge for Memorials and Celebrations of Life for recent or former Lopez residents. The event must be free and open to the community. These events must be arranged by the family or close friends directly with the Lopez Center office.
Lopez Island School
The Lopez Center offers the Lopez Island School six free use days per year. The events must offer free admission and be open to the Lopez community.