Up Up Up Circus - an outdoor, by donation circus show!
Wednesday July 17, 2024, 6:00pm
Outdoor Pavilion
By donation at the door: Adult $20.00, Youth $10.00, Family: $50.00
Founded in 2020, UP UP UP Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit touring circus ensemble!
We bring performances to small farms, tribal centers, immigrant communities, nursing homes, women's shelters, etc. to bring joy and levity into the air!

What the heck is a crane circus show?!
Well, our stage is a flatbed truck with hand cranked crane for aerial acts and a 100 yeaer old baby grand piano for live music!

What will the show be like?
Magic beyond magic! Flying pianos! Daring acrobats!Hoops!Opera divas! this 1 hour all-ages show will be whimsical, beautiful, hilarious, and most of all . . . FUN!

How do you travel?
This year we are hitting the road with bicycles, the crane truck, and a camper van! Hope to see you down the road!

How much is the show?
Most of our shows are by donation pass-the-hat or free. Our goal is to bring the joy of circus to anyone and everyone, regardless of money.
Acrobats! Hair Hang! Aerial Straps! Trapeze! Live Music! A baby grand piano!