Tips for Tour Participants:
Before you start your tour:
  • Read through the descriptions of all the homes listed. Choose those you don't want to miss and those it will be OK to pass over. Then plan your route using the map that is included when you purchase your ticket.
  • Use the map to find the public restrooms along your route and plan a bathroom break or two. Homeowners have their bathrooms on display and they're not part of the show.
Taking the tour:
  • Start early.
  • Wear shoes you can slip off and on. Bring a bag to put them in so you won't have to sort through the pile that accumulates outside the entrance. Paper booties are provided but may be awkward to fit over your shoes.
  • Slow down. Be prepared to run into friends, including some you didn't know live on Lopez. Going to the Home Tour forges strong links to this community.
  • Share your stories. Homeowners enjoy learning about the house you're touring and who once lived in it. Your curiosity is welcome.
  • Follow the Home Tour guidelines: Once inside take no photographs, don't eat or drink, and don't touch anything.
  • Don't bring your pets.
  • Be generous with Thank-You's: To the homeowners, the docents and the parking assistants, and the many businesses listed in the brochure.
The Lopez Island Home Tour
The yearly Home Tour is a vital fundraiser for the Lopez Community Center. It usually raises about 15% of the Center's annual budget. It is also much more than just a fundraiser - it is a wonderful way to see island homes and connect with our community.

The Lopez Island Home Tour is made possible by donations from our generous sponsors (please go here if you would like to be a sponsor).