The Lopez Island Home Tour
The yearly Home Tour is a vital fundraiser for the Lopez Community Center. It usually raises about 15% of the Center's annual budget. It is also much more than just a fundraiser - it is a wonderful way to see island homes and connect with our community!
We are grateful to Matteus Rabel for making the videos, Karlena Pickering for providing the drone footage, Bill Johnson for creating the sound tracks and the homeowners who graciously invited us into their homes and lives.
2023 Lopez Island Hometour Sponsors
Rick and Karen Carlson
Greene Partners Architecture & Design
Jim and Nancy Caleshu
Brigitte Fortin & Doug Johnson
Trevor and Joanne Bryant
Karen and Randy Wilburn
Mary Ellen and Pat Hughes
Dennis and Joan Egan
Don Stone
Jim and Pam Phillips
Herb & Dodie Schiessl
Richardson Fuel
Mike Halperin and Jodi Green
Pamela McCabe
Cliff and Mary Ann Cameron
Gary & Karen B. Alexander
Wardell Architects
Beth Shirk and Anne Hietbrink
Margot and Charlie Janeway
George LeBoutillier
Jim and Birte Falconer
George and Colleen Willoughby
Barbara Carver
Suzi and Scott Jennings
Margo and Rodger Fagerholm
Dianne Pressenda
Westlund Family
Valerie and Stan Piha
Sue Washburn & Kristin Rehder
Timothy Maxson
Tom and Molly Preston
Duane and Audrey Bordvick
Spud and Karen Grimes
Hoedemaker Family
Rip and Julie VanCamp
Lorena and Jeff Daggett
John and Ellie Roser
Mary Bywater Cross
John and Carol Whetten
Ron and Sara Seubert
Christine Kerlin and Tim Madison
Karen and Mark Eames
Bob & Sean O’Connell