Lopez Center has a fully equipped kitchen that is included with every rental.

For Community events the kitchen may be used only for warming, staging and serving food. No cooking is allowed.

For Private events (invitation only) food may be prepared and cooked in the kitchen.

Instructions for all equipment are posted in English and Spanish. A quick orientation is given to all new users regarding the stove's use and safety features.

Kitchen equipment includes
  • Commercial-grade Garland stove with gas cooktop and convection oven (no deep fat frying or excessive use of steam is allowed).
  • Amana Electric Oven
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Curtis Plumed Coffee Maker
  • Two large stainless prep tables
  • Two food prep sinks
  • ADS Dish machine with three wash sinks
Place settings available for rent
  • 200 ea. water goblets, wine glasses and coffee cups
  • 200 ea. dinner, salad and dessert plates
  • 200 ea. knives, teaspoons, dinner, salad, and dessert forks
  • 20 water carafes
  • Creamers, sugar bowls, salt and pepper shakers