Esqaplh etse Kwelengsen
Gathering of the Eagles Community Potluck and Protocol
Sunday May 19, 2024, 4:00pm
Offered by Gathering of the Eagles Canoe Families
Sponsored by
Gathering of the Eagles and The Friends of Lopez Canoe Landings
In this Spirit, Join us! Lets celebrate together.

Welcome to the Gathering of the Eagles. We are an indigenous led group from Lhaq'temish territory conducting a mini-canoe journey through our ancestral lands and waters. Esqalph etse Kwelengsen is led by Sul ka dub and the Alliance of Earth, Sky & Water Protectors. We are all about bridge building between communities, educating our neighbors and sharing & caring in the Spirit of the Potlatch that has now returned.

Potluck at 4:30
Protocol at 6:00 - A cultural exchange presented by the Canoe Faamilies.

Please bring a potluck dish to share and your own untensils if you can.

We're part of GiveLopez this year. We rely 100% on donations from the community tocover costs of food, gifts, etc. Please know that your contributions are appreciated. You may donate at the events or via the GiveLopez link here:
Potluck and Protocol