Please Help Support the Community Center

November 10, 2014

Dear Friend of the Lopez Center,

Lopez Center for Community and the Arts (LCCA) continues to be a vibrant and integral part of our community. Under the skillful guidance of Director Janet Baltzer and Assistant Director Robert Harrison the Center is growing and thriving.

This has been another full and exciting year! Most recently Super Wide Groove played to a house full of Lopezians of all ages dancing and enjoying the great music. This coming month Community Shakespeare Company will present the Tempest. Throughout the year, Battlefield Band, Tracy Grammar, The Good Lovelies, Abbey Road LIVE!, Mamatamba, and Tiempo de Lopez all performed at the Center.

Lopez Center is also a hub for many non-profit fundraisers and events, including ones for the Family Resource Center, Children’s Center, Hospice, SWAP, Land Trust, Chamber of Commerce, Library, Fire Department and School to name just a few. We hope you were able to attend some of these wonderful events! The Center is easily accessible through our online rental system; for either community or private events. With your donation and support we can continue to offer extremely affordable rates; helping to keep the Center at the center of our community.

It takes a lot to maintain a building of this size and keep it functioning well. Whether it is small tasks like replacing door stops, fixing windows, and repairing the projector or large ones like maintaining the heating system, refinishing the floor, and upgrading insulation, the costs add up.

In order to keep the Center running, maintained and affordable, we need your help. Please consider making a donation to LCCA by clicking the donate button below. If you are interested in legacy gifting, please contact Janet Baltzer or Robert Harrison.

We greatly appreciate your support of the Center!


Raiti Waerness and Barbara Carver, LCCA Board Co-Chairs
With the 2014 Board: Karen Barringer, Chris Dern, Barb Fulton, Todd Twigg, Mark Herrenkohl, Lexi Taylor, Shawn Westervelt and Maggie Heard

P.S. Help keep our community connected and vibrant, please consider making a donation today!